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Tribal Government structure addressed by Blue Stone

By Joe Morey

News Editor

As part of the overall Blue Stone planning strategy for the Lac Courte Oreilles tribe, the Tribal Governing Board (TGB) asked them to look at a re-structuring of the tribal government. Blue Stone gave their report on Oct. 22 at which time they told the TGB approval is needed to move forward with the plan.

The plan doesn’t create a new government structure. It simply better organizes the current structure to create more operational efficiency within the tribal governing board and the departments. For example, the TGB structure will remain the same with continued direct reporting to the TGB from the Tribal Court, Legal, Health Center, Housing, Casino, and the schools, but the new proposal would create layers between directors and the tribal chairman, as well as create an economic development corporation.

In the new plan the following would report directly to the tribal chairman; Human Resources, Chief Financial Officer, Public Relations, Information Technology, Citizenship Services and the Executive Director.

Here’s where the major changes would take place. Underneath the Executive Director would be a layer of six directors who oversee all other tribal programs. They include Infrastructure Division Director overseeing Public Works, Roads, Recycling, Hydro Facility and Building Maintenance.

The Education and Cultural Affairs Division Director would oversee Higher Education, Honor the Earth Powwow, Kinnamon Center, and the Boys and Girls Club.

The Public Safety and Justice Programs Division Director would oversee Emergency Management, First Responders, Tribal Police, Fire Department, Public Safety Commission and Oakwood Haven.

The Human Services Division Director would oversee Mino Maajisewin, Child Support, Income Maintenance, General Assistance, TRAILS, Indian Child Welfare, Headstart/EHS, Child Care, Energy Assistance, TANF & WIA, Tribal Aging Services, Food Distribution, and Vocational Rehabilitation.

The Land and Natural Resources Division Director would oversee LCO Realty and LCO Conservation.

The Housing, Transportation and Veterans Services Division Director would oversee the Housing Improvement Program, Transportation, Veterans Services and WI Inter-Tribal Task Force.

Economic Development Corporation

The proposed plan includes the creation of an Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to oversee all ten tribal enterprises. One idea proposes the EDC with a Chief Executive Officer who oversees a Retail Director above the three convenience stores, LCO Country Store and the Landing, while another director would oversee the other five operations, Big Fish, LCO Development, WOJB, the LCO Federal Credit Union and the Pineview Funeral Home. The plan B option would simply have the EDC oversee all 10 operations directly.

Proposed Government ReStructure

Option A for Economic Development Corporation

Option B for Economic Development Corporation


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