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And/Or Subscribe to our Printed Newspaper

FINALLY!! Your request to have the LCO Newsprint edition mailed out will be fulfilled.


I’ve received many requests over the years to have the newspaper mailed out as we have so many Tribal Members living abroad, spread out all over the United States. We have loved ones who moved away in search of a better life, a promising job opportunity, a great place to raise their children. We’ve had our family members sent away to prison to suffer consequences. They all want to stay connected to their home, to stay informed and now finally, they can. And here’s how…


For only $99 per year, those living abroad or in prison can purchase a subscription, or you can purchase it for them. They will receive each issue mailed to their address.


You’ve had to go through the hassle of picking up an extra paper and mailing it yourself, well, now I’ll save you the trouble and do the mailing for you.


Fill out the information needed below and send in with your payment. And here’s the LCO News guarantee… Should the newsprint edition not measure up to your expectations, you can ask for and receive a refund of your unused portion of the purchased subscription.


The Lac Courte Oreilles News is a unique publication in Indian Country. We are one of the very few remaining printed Tribal newspapers and one of only three that print on a weekly basis. Our digital footprint now has nearly 10,000 subscribers and as we expand our print format from its current 2,000 circulation, we’ll be adding more features that you won’t find in the digital. Currently, only obituaries are in the print, but soon we’ll be adding more news from our neighboring Tribes and more state level governmental news that affects our Tribe.


So don’t wait, send in your subscription now and don’t miss a thing! Simply, click on the form image below, save to your computer, print it off and mail it in!

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