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LCO Receives 3rd Enbridge Payment

By Joe Morey News Editor

Members of the tribal governing board accepted the third Enbridge Community Payment from Enbridge Energy Partners, LLC, in the amount of $3.3 million on Friday, Feb. 15.

Chairman Louis Taylor accepted the payment from Trent Wetmore, Director of Operations for the Superior Region, and April Holdren, Manager of Community Engagement.

Taylor said it’s an exciting day for LCO because the tribe still has funds from the previous payments and there are many projects the tribe will be able to work on going forward.

LCO Secretary-Treasurer Jason Weaver said some things the tribal governing board has been discussing include building parks in some of the communities.

“The Signor community sits on the Couderay River, so we’ve talked about building a park right there along the river,” Weaver said. “Signor also needs a new water system, so we’ve been talking about that as well.”

Weaver added they have talked about building more boat landings on area lakes.

Tribal Governing Board member Tweed Shuman said the chairman and himself plan to attend a hemp conference at the end of February as the tribe prepares to enter the hemp industry.

Shuman added they are discussing several locations for a new fire hall. The current fire hall sits on the footprint of the LCO Ojibwe School, so there is discussion on relocating.

Wetmore said it’s very exciting to see things coming along for the tribe. “It’s great to look around the community and see things being built and your vision for the tribe coming along.”

A community poll of tribal members was conducted on Facebook in early January about economic development projects for the tribe, and according to results, the new health and wellness center was the most important project to the membership with 45% of the vote, with hemp production the second most favored project at 25% of the vote. The new wastewater plant received 10% of the vote and remodeling and reopening the Hideout had 9%.

From L-R) Secretary-Treasurer Jasaon Weaver, Enbridge Manager of Community Engagement April Holdren, Chairman Louis Taylor, Director of Enbrige Operations for Superior Region Trent Wetmore, TGB member Tweed Shuman.

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