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Daycare Center Construction Project Officially Underway

By Joe Morey News Editor

The groundbreaking ceremony took place on Friday, July 17, for the new Daycare Center with a blessing from tribal elder Dennis White and some words of thanks from tribal leaders and the president of DBS Group, the contractor hired to design and build the new facility.

The Daycare Center will be located at the Four Corners on the LCO Reservation next door to the LCO Headstart/Early Headstart Building.

The CARES Act Projects Coordinator, Brian Bisonette, explained the funds to build the new Daycare were received in May and have to be spent by Dec. 31 of this year which put the entire project on the fast track. He said the short time line presented some challenges but acknowledged the LCO Tribal Governing Board (TGB) for coming together on the plan and making quick decisions. He also thanked DBS and Bob Sharlow, LCO Development Director for all they have done to get the project underway.

Dennis White said in his welcoming that it is an exciting time for Lac Courte Oreilles. “I’m blessed to be a part of it.”

DBS, which stands for Design Building Solutions, as explained does both design and building, which allowed the company to fast track the Daycare Center so quickly.

“We are on schedule even though we just started the design a couple weeks ago,” DBS President Chris Walters stated. “The LCO TGB provided us a lot of direction and it’s going to be a beautiful building. This facility will serve a great need for the LCO Community. We’re really proud to be a part of it.”

LCO Vice Chairwoman Lorraine Gouge explained the Daycare Center as, “Something we’ve really needed. This facility will take care of our people for years to come.”

LCO Sec-Treasurer Michelle Beaudin said the lack of child care at LCO has been a major reason why many of our people aren’t gainfully employed. She added that LCO has been the only Tribe in Wisconsin without a Daycare Center.

TGB Member Gary “Little Guy” Clause acknowledged how a Daycare has been a dream of Lorraine Gouge’s for a very long time.

“It’s a long-time coming,” Little Guy stated. “This is about our future generations.”

Little Guy added he was impressed with how fast this project came together.

Bisonette told the LCO Tribal Governing Board that the contractor, DBS, was informed to hire all tribal members for the construction of the new Daycare Center. LCO Development will also be involved. There is an immediate need for many workers to fill all the positions available for not only the Daycare project, but the new fire hall and tribal office expansion set to begin in the next few weeks. Visit the tribe’s employment page at to view the listings and obtain a downloadable application.

The project is estimated to cost $3,324,500 and will be funded from the CARES Act monies the Tribe received from the federal government to aid the LCO community following the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Pictured L-R) Bob Sharlow, LCO Development Director, Lorraine Gouge, LCO Vice Chairwoman, Michelle Beaudin, Sec-Treasurer, Bonnie Lund, Daycare Committee, Gary Clause, TGB member, and Brian Bisonette, CARES Act Projects Coordinator.

Beaudin, Gouge, Lund pictured with Dennis White.

DBS Group officials from L-R) Ben Johnson, Project Manager, Ed Chaney, Project Supervisor, Mike Campbell, Project Designer, and Chris Walters, DBS President.


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