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County and Tribe renew law enforcement agreement

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The LCO Tribal Governing Board and Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department renewed their annual Cooperative Law Enforcement Agreement for 2019 on Nov. 19, 2018.

The agreement provides for funding of part-time deputies of the sheriff’s department to enforce the laws of the county and the state working within the tribe’s reservation, along with the laws of the tribe.

The agreement states the county-tribe deputy will “Work closely with members of the tribe’s law enforcement department to deter and solve crime on the tribe’s reservation. The size and unique nature of the Sawyer County, the grant of jurisdiction under Public Law 280, staffing and funding limitations of the sheriff’s office and the tribe’s law enforcement department and increased crime all justify continued funding of the program.”

Rose Gokee of the Tribal Governing Board requested of the sheriff, Doug Mrotek, that he meet and share information with the board on a regular basis.

“We really appreciate when you meet with us, it’s a win-win for everyone when we can meet and share information,” Rose told Mrotek.

Mrotek told the Board that he would meet with them on a monthly basis if needed.

Mrotek also told them the agreement provides that the sheriff’s department provide back up for LCO Police and that anytime the county needs back up, the LCO department provides it.

“If you don’t have staff on, we handle the calls for you. We make sure victims and clientele are taken care of,” Mrotek said.

LCO Police Chief, Tim DeBrot, said it goes both ways. “If there deputies are busy with a major call, we let their dispatch know our officers are available.”

The agreement provides for $51,000 in funding, which includes wage, insurance and other benefits.


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