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College Offering Free Virtual Workshops for Everyone

Boozhoo Students, Staff, Faculty, and Community Members!

LCOOC Extension is rolling out a new virtual platform series of workshops starting this Monday.

Please keep in mind that the college is fully functioning - just not in person.  If you need to reach any Extension staff member the best way to do this is via email ( or you can call Sue at the farm - 715-634-9666.

These workshops are available via Zoom - this is a very familiar platform for our students, faculty, and staff, but may be totally new for our community members.  Zoom is an online video conferencing platform which allows people to join a virtual meeting from the comfort of anywhere with a wifi connection.  Check out this tutorial for information and support for connecting with Zoom.

We have scheduled these workshops at various times throughout the day and evening.  If you have a suggestion or request for a specific topic, or if you would like to share or lead one of the workshops - please email Amber at 

There is no cost for participating in these virtual workshops or support groups. They are open to everyone! The attached flyers are as .png or image files and you can share them to Facebook or other social media outlets.

The Zoom meeting ID for all the workshops is 380 374 5351 or click on this link:

We wish you continued good health!  Social distancing, although difficult, will help save lives; and if we can offer each other social connectedness and support in a virtual platform - we will rise up to this challenge.  Be safe.  Be well.   #community


Extension Staff

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tom ferna
tom ferna
Jun 15, 2023

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