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Youth in Agriculture Students Learn About Farming

From the LCO College Extension Facebook page

The Youth in Agriculture program at the LCO College Farm took place on August 1 and 2. The participants learned about many aspects of agriculture.

On the first day they were introduced to what is a farm, some tools and equipment; they even had opportunities to harvest some blueberries and help in the bean garden. They kept personal journals of what they learned, what their impressions were regarding agriculture and their own comments about the experiences.There will be alot to write in the upcoming weeks.

Laura who is part of the summer farm crew is co-leading the program with Sue the farm manager.

On Day 2, the LCO College Farm's Youth in Agriculture group spent the day touring and learning about different kinds of agriculture. First stop was at the Cable Community Farm. The afternoon was spent at the Rollingwood Nursery in Stone Lake.

Thanks to Liz, Sarah, Bill and Leslie for taking time out of their work and day to talk with the group and doing some hands on activities with them.

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