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WOJB Welcomes New Director of News Programming

WOJB 88.9 FM

Press Release

Woodland Community Radio (WOJB) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Briana Oakley as its new News Director. With her rich background in education, multicultural experiences, and passion for community engagement, Briana is set to bring a fresh perspective to WOJB's news programming.

Briana hails from Marquette, MI, and is an alumna of Northern Michigan University, where she graduated with a degree in Elementary Education, focusing on English Language Arts and Integrated Science. Her commitment to education led her to teaching experiences in diverse settings, including rural South Korea for two years, rural Alaska for two years, and rural Wisconsin for one year.

In her pursuit of creating inclusive learning environments, Briana returned to NMU to earn a certification in Native American Inclusion in the Classroom. Throughout the Covid pandemic, she continued her dedication to education as a homeschool teacher and tutor, showcasing her adaptability and resilience.

Last summer, Briana returned to her family home in Stone Lake, marking a new chapter in her life and career. She is eager to bring her diverse experiences and passion for storytelling to WOJB, enriching the station's news coverage and connecting with the local community.

On a personal note, Briana is an avid lover of literature, houseplants, homesteading, and shares her life with two adopted dogs from her travels. She is a serial hobbyist and takes joy in growing her family homestead with meat rabbits chickens, and sustainable environmentally smart practices.

"We are delighted to welcome Briana Oakley to the WOJB family," said Karl Habeck, Station Manager at WOJB. "Her unique background, dedication to education, and love for community make her an excellent fit for the News Director role. We are confident that Briana will bring innovation and enthusiasm to our news department, strengthening our connection with our listeners and the community."

Briana Oakley's appointment as the News Director at WOJB signifies an exciting new chapter for the station. Her multifaceted experiences and genuine passion for storytelling promise to enhance WOJB's commitment to delivering quality news coverage and engaging with the Woodland community.

For more information about WOJB - Woodland Community Radio and its programming, please visit or contact Karl Habeck,

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Ann Green
Ann Green
May 09

Good job! Briana went back to NMU to complete her Native American Inclusion in the Classroom certificate, creating an inclusive learning environment. She still makes a positive impact on education as a home tutor and instructor, showcasing her tenacity and adaptability. Happy Wheels

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