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Winter School Holds First Annual Powwow

The Winter School held it’s first annual School Powwow on April 5 and it was a huge success with wonderful participation from students and staff.

According to event planner Amanda Scheel, the boys enjoyed the fish dance while the girls enjoyed the swan dance and everyone enjoyed the potato dance and race.

Other planners for the event included Mike DeMain and Brent Belisle.

Dancers joined from the LCO Ojibwe School and the Hayward High School Native American Culture Club. Funding for powwow was provided by Winter School District and the COIPP Grant/Bizhiki Wellness Center.

Lucky winners were Lexie Sullivan (HHS) and Julie Pettibone (HHS).

Drum Groups: LCO School and Waadookodaading

Master of Ceremonies: Dylan Jennings

Arena Director: Mike DeMain

Color Guard: Valerie Barber

Head Boy: Darien Goodsky (LCO School)

Head Girl: Ally Larson (LCO School)

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