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Student Woodcrafted Gifts Presented to TGB

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The LCO Tribal Governing Board was recently gifted with a Boozhoo welcome sign and other wood crafted projects from woodworking students of the LCO Ojibwe School. In addition to the sign, other projects include candle holders and cup holders.

Instructors Kathy Lasiewicz and Beth Frericks described the woodworking class or carpentry as part of the trades along with plumbing/HVAC, auto mechanics, electrician and welding.

“These career opportunities are usually a 2-year or less certificate program for youth to attain,” explained Lasiewicz. “Through WITC in Rice Lake, people are able to attain a well-paying career with advancement opportunities.”

Lasiewicz said Skye Stands Christensen is their top woodworking student. “Not only has Skye learned about the process of building these projects, but he has also learned about handling money, profit and reinvesting money back into the projects.”

Skye is now in 6th grade and continues to challenge himself with bigger projects, added Lasiewicz. Academic skills that Skye is learning through woodworking are: comprehension, math, problem solving, creativity, business skill and social skills.

“Woodworking has provided youth with confidence, and project completion builds self-esteem and the ability to achieve, to see success. These projects provide hands on learning which integrates academics, a work ethic and also allow the students to earn some money through the sale of their projects. Learning these skills in school provides youth with the necessary skills to provide for themselves and to attain financial independence,” described Lasiewicz. “Beth and I will continue woodworking and painting and challenging students to expand their talents!”

Lasiewicz said her and Brenda Keating started woodworking projects last year when Skye and two other students were in 5th grade. The first woodworking project was a bird house.

“The students built birdhouses for our Environmental Bird Garden and also for gifts,” Lasiewicz noted. “We made a poster of how to build a birdhouse which is displayed in the elementary school. Skye has become the spokesperson for woodworking. He has demonstrated his knowledge of woodworking with other students and staff at the school.”

TGB Members L-R receive woodcrafted gifts Gary "Little Guy" Clause, Sec.-Treasurer Michelle Beaudin, Glenda Barber, Tweed Shuman and Chairman Louis Taylor.


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