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On Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, Evers Shares Plan to Expand BadgerCare

Gov. Tony Evers today delivered the Democratic Radio Address on the 13th anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act, highlighting his plan to expand BadgerCare and provide healthcare coverage to nearly 90,000 Wisconsinites.

Hey there, Governor Tony Evers here.

13 years ago, the passage of the Affordable Care Act transformed our country, ensuring millions of people right here in Wisconsin have life-saving healthcare coverage.

But unfortunately, there are still folks who have been left behind—whether due to cost, eligibility, or access.

Every Wisconsinite deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare. Period.

That’s why expanding access to healthcare and addressing health inequities has been a priority for my administration since the very first day.

From ensuring every family has clean water to drink to reducing disparities in maternal and infant health to making sure Wisconsinites have affordable healthcare coverage—we’ve been committed to building a healthier state for everyone.

Right now, despite the support of 70 percent of Wisconsin voters, Wisconsin is one of just 11 states in the country that hasn’t taken advantage of additional incentives from the federal government to expand Medicaid, also known as BadgerCare.

Expanding BadgerCare would provide coverage to nearly 90,000 Wisconsinites—including 30,000 who are currently uninsured—all while bringing billions of dollars into our state through savings and federal support.

So, my 2023-25 biennial budget proposal builds on our work and once again calls on the Legislature to act and expand BadgerCare in Wisconsin.

If we do, we will not only save lives by making sure more people are covered, but we can take our savings and reinvest them in things like treatment for those with substance use disorders, in telehealth for our kids so that they can talk to mental health professionals at school, and in our healthcare systems to strengthen our healthcare infrastructure across the state.

Folks, healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege afforded to only the healthy and wealthy.

So, yes, I’m once again proposing to expand BadgerCare because it isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do.


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