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LCOOU Celebrates 44 Graduates and 12 Master's Graduates at Commencement Ceremony


Press Release

(photos after article)

Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe University celebrated 44 undergraduates and 12 master’s degree graduates on Saturday, May 18, 2024.


Proceeding the processional drums, flag song, and posting of colors, President Russell Swagger, St. Croix member and Lac Courte Oreilles descendant, delivered the welcome address.


Following, Dennis “Mezinaanikwad” White, who has had great impact on our University and community, was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor Honoris Causa in Ojibwe Language, Math and Fine Arts.


“Dennis is a pillar not only of the University community but also of the Lac Courte Oreilles community and beyond. His presence and guidance shaped the way we do business as a University. You will see his influence throughout today’s commencement ceremony. Many communities and organizations across the country also recognize Dennis as a traditional knowledge holder. Many often call on him to advise, teach, demonstrate, and pray. His humble demeanor and gentle teaching style embody the spirit of our ancestors and how they taught the young in their charge. He also embodies our elders, the original educators, whose wisdom and vision echo through the University’s mission today. This honor the University is bestowing on Dennis highlights the areas in which he has risen to expert level in his life and the areas through which he has shared his gifts with the world,” President Swagger said.


A doctor honoris causa (honorary doctorate) is a distinction conferred by a university or similar institution upon an individual as a significant acknowledgment of that person's outstanding contribution and impact on their field of expertise.


Following this distinguishment, LCO Tribal Governing Board Representative David Bisonette and Board of Regents Vice Chairperson, the Honorable Judge Monica “Zhaawanagiizhigookwe” Isham, offered congratulatory remarks.


Donna LaSieur, LCO member and alumni of the University’s first graduating class, delivered the keynote address. Her granddaughter Andre’Anna Acosta (LCO member) delivered the 2024 AICF Student of the Year address.


In the fall of 2022, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) fully accredited the University’s two master’s degrees in human services and business Administration. We offered the first master’s degree courses at that time, where, to reflect the change in program offerings, Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College also formally became Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe University.


Today, May 18, 2024, we recognized our first graduates in each of these programs with a hooding ceremony. A hooding ceremony confers a special recognition upon graduates receiving masters’ or doctoral degrees. While modern day undergraduates wear robes and caps, those with masters’ or doctorate degrees are presented with hoods to show their continued pursuit of knowledge. Such hoods are an expression of tradition and are used to communicate the wearer’s school, degree, and field of study for the rest of their lives. Dr. Tom DePaoli hooded the Master of Science in Business Management graduates, and Dr. Laura Berg hooded the Master in Human Services graduates.  


Additionally, the Associate Degree of Nursing graduates participated in the Nightingale Pledge and a pinning ceremony.


“The Nightingale Pledge dates to 1893, it reflects the values of nursing and serves as a moral compass to guide nursing practice. The Nightingale Pledge is a vow to prioritize the well-being of patients. Graduates were pinned by a person who supported them through their studies,” Nursing Program Director Jamie Gohde said.


The 2024 commencement celebration concluded with a feast.


Congratulations to our graduates:



Business Management

Kathleen L. Baker                                              Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Rebecca A. Benton                                           Red Cliff Outreach

Lydia DeNasha                                                  Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Christine L. Haling                                            Lac du Flambeau Outreach

Amanda Marie Martinson                               Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Laura M. Miranda                                            Bad River Outreach

Lisa Schuman                                                    Lac du Flambeau Outreach


Human Services

Carlena S. Dennis                                              Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Tina Elizabeth Garner                                      Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Fartuney Haji-Ali                                              Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Misty MorningStar King                                  Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Kimberly R. Revoy                                            Lac Courte Oreilles Campus




Roberto Angel Pacheco**                               Lac Courte Oreilles Campus


Business Management

Kaylee Trepanier**                                          Lac Courte Oreilles Campus


Human Services

Andreah Bonney*                                            Red Cliff Outreach

Eunice Jay Zamora                                            Lac Courte Oreilles Campus




Liberal Arts

Andre’anna Little Rose Acosta**                    Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Russell Wilbur Corbine                                    Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Shaylena Rose Corbine                                    Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Hunter J. Karaszewski                                      Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Misty Nordin                                                    Red Cliff Outreach

Melena V. Potack                                             Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Elaine Quaderer                                                Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Kalianna Rachel Quaderer                               Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Renee L. Topping**                                         Red Cliff Outreach


Native American Studies—Language Emphasis

Ashley Armstrong                                            Lac du Flambeau Outreach





Taylor LaPointe                                                 Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Natasha Rose Miller                                         Lac Courte Oreilles Campus


Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

Orion Johnson                                                  Lac Courte Oreilles Campus




Human Services

Erica Ferguson                                                  Bad River Outreach




Falhad Abdulkadir Gabow*                             Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Kristen Nickel                                                    Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Rosemarie Serra*                                             Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Kodie Stoner**                                                 Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Chelsea Tripodi*                                               Lac Courte Oreilles Campus


Small Business Management

Jeannie M. Buckholtz                                       Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Darien Marie Carley                                         Lac Courte Oreilles Campus





Andreah Bonney                                               Red Cliff Outreach


Early Childhood Education

Meliya Martinson                                            Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Tianah N. Toman                                              Bad River Outreach

Charisse Fawn Wilber                                      Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Barbara M.  Zaari                                              Bad River Outreach




Ojibwe Language

Ashley Armstrong                                            Lac du Flambeau Outreach

Edwina Buffalo-Reyes                                      Red Cliff Outreach

Danielle Grover                                                Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Misty Nordin                                                    Red Cliff Outreach

Roberto Angel Pacheco                                    Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Jaelyn Quaderer                                               Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Kalianna Rachel Quaderer                               Lac Courte Oreilles Campus

Jill Sterett                                                          Lac du Flambeau Outreach

Jody Sterett Johnson                                        Lac du Flambeau Outreach



Daleigha R. Bird                                                Mandi LeFernier

Heaven Bird                                                      Jason LaRush

Mayme Crone                                                   Roberta Miller

Vinessa Homesky                                             Alvin Shields                                                    

Sasha Isham                                                      Josephine  M. Tosland



Graduation Honors


***Summa Cum Laude          3.90 to 4.0 GPA

**Magna Cum Laude                        3.70 to 3.89 GPA

*Cum Laude                                       3.50 to 3.69 GPA


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