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LCO Tribal Elder & Disabled Snow Removal Services

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Terrance Manuelito and Doreen Wolfe LCO Elder Services The LCO Elder & Disabled Services Department requests your patience and understanding during the winter season, we have developed these policies and regulations for the overall program service to better serve each client and tribal community in a timely manner. The Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation/Communities contains several different Townships and Sawyer County Highway Departments as well as the LCO Roads Maintenance department that are responsible for providing County and Tribal road snowplow removal. Our tribal snowplow contractors will commence with your driveway once the main roads are cleared, we do not control or oversee the other county and tribal services in that aspect.

Snowplowing will be provided to LCO Tribal Elders 62 and older.

Snowplowing will be provided to handicapped and/or disabled LCO Tribal members.

You must reside, and provide an LCO Tribal Identification on the Lac Courte Oreilles reservation to receive snowplowing services.

Snowplowing will be done when four (4”) or more inches of snow has fallen.Clearly mark the areas where there are water wells and drain fields.

Remove any large rocks and debris that may be in the way of a plow.

Snowplowing services is strictly for driveways.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to shovel entryways and/or sidewalks.

If possible, have your vehicle(s) moved to allow proper snowplow removal of your driveway, if vehicles are not moved during plow service, they are only able to access what is available.

Please do not leave animals outside while plowing. Keep animals in a safe place, either in the house or on a chain away from the driveway.

If possible, we will attempt to address clients with medical needs, but as stated previously we are only able to provide driveway plowing, county and tribal roads must be cleared before we are able to provide services.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the LCO Tribal Elder & Disabled Services department. (715) 957-0027, 0076, 0077. Drafted & Revised on 7/31/19 T. Manuelito & D. Wolfe


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