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LCO Students Test Above 80% in Measures of Academic Success

Submitted by Jessica “Hutch” Hutchison

LCO School Superintendent

Three times annually the LCO School administers the Northwest Evaluation Associations Measures of Academic Progress or MAP tests to students in kindergarten through twelfth grades. The tests are administered to millions of students across the county and are norm referenced, meaning that our student’s scores are compared to student scores from across the country. Students are assessed in two to four subject areas including reading, math, language usage and science. These assessments provide teachers with accurate and actionable evidence to help target instruction for each student or groups of students regardless of how far above or below they are from their grade level.

It is with great pride that we report that the following high school students have scored better than 80 percent, and in some instances, 90 percent of students from across the country!

● Tyrone Shawinimash-87th percentile Reading & 91th percentile Science

● Winona Baker-88th percentile Science

● Michael Baker-84th percentile Reading, 88th percentile Science,

● Timothy Debrot-85th percentile Reading, 93rd percentile Science

● Samuel Bisonette-82nd percentile Reading

● Calijah Trepanier-91st percentile Reading. 92nd percentile Language Usage, 80th percentile Science

● Chase Cooper-84th percentile Language Usage

● Quintin Miller-81st percentile Language Usage

● Joseph Balber-Benjamin-83rd percentile Reading

Please join us in congratulating these students on their commitment to learning and this very commendable achievement.


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