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LCO Ojibwe Students Attend Traditional Fishing Winter Camp

By Mike Demain

LCO Ojibwe School Cultural Coordinator


I would like to inform everybody that we had a very successful Fishing Camp with the LCO Ojibwe Middle School and High School students. There were multiple walleye caught and there was three muskies that were seen in all three fish shacks. The two days of school fishing winter camp was very beneficial for the students in a educational and cultural way. Our guest presenters were Dylan Jennings and Jason Schlender and they did a great job at presenting and teaching traditional ice fishing skills from set lines and spear fishing through the ice to the students.

As the culture coordinator, I am very proud of the students of how they participated in learning the traditional harvesting techniques. I look forward to creating more opportunities and more cultural coordinated events through our communities.

Chi-miigwech - Mike Demain


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