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ICW & Family Services Provides Report on Program Activities

ICW & Family Services

Membership Report

ICW has been busy working towards our vision statement, "The Lac Courte Oreilles Indian Child Welfare and Family Services Department works to eliminate child abuse, neglect and to prevent family breakup by fostering conditions favorable to the growth, spirit, culture, and individuality of each child. We focus on strengthening and preserving our tribal families and children and promote the health, well-being, and safety of children and families through prevention, intervention, education, and advocacy and case management services."

Indian Child Welfare Act

Under the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 (ICWA), States are required to notify tribes when a case involving an Indian Child. The ICWA applies when: the child is an Indian Child, defined as an Indian child as an unmarried person who is under age eighteen and is either

(a) a member of an Indian tribe or (b) is eligible for membership in an Indian tribe and is the biological child of a member of an Indian tribe. The second requirement is that the child custody proceeding be one as defined by 1903(1); that is, a foster care placement; termination of parental rights; pre-adoptive placement; or adoptive placement.

In FY2023, LCO was provided notice of 905 potential LCO Indian Children from across the United States who are involved in the Child Welfare System. Of the 905 notices, 66 children were enrolled or eligible for enrollment with our Tribe; 8 of these children were removed from their parent or Indian Custodian and the Tribe intervened in these matters. Fact: As of June 13, 2023, LCO had a child (21 years and younger) population of 1,647.

Prevention Activities and Services:

The Indian Child Welfare and Family Services Department provides prevention education, and alcohol and drug free events to the greater LCO Community.

The following community events and trips have been provided:


► A curriculum called Smart Moves was taught to 10 youth attending St Francis School.

► A Traditional Dance class was held for 10 girls with 8 completing.

► October 5, 2022 - collaborated with Oakwood Haven to sponsor the 2nd Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Color Run. This event was opened with a traditional water ceremony.

► October 12, 2022 - sponsored a trip to the Dead end Hayride; 21 youth and 3 chaperones attended.

► November 5, 2022 - sponsored a trip to Skate City in Rice Lake WI; 1O youths and 1 chaperone attended.

► December 2022 - planned and executed a Toys for Tots program in collaboration with the Tribal Governing Board. 213 families with 470 children and youth were served. Additional gifts were provided by the US Marine Corps after the holidays due to a weather-related shipping delay.

► December 2022 - provided 7 families with movie passes.

► January 7, 2023 - provided a youth trip to Bentleyville in Duluth MN; 12 youth attended.

► January 27, 2023 - sponsored a swimming party; 12 youth attended.

► February 10, 2023 - collaborated with the Boys and Girls Club to host a Teen Valentine's Day Dance; 92 community members attended.

► March 13, 2023 - sponsored a trip to Skate City in Rice Lake WI; 10 youths and 2

chaperones attended.

► March 21, 2023 - collaborated with the LCO Youth Baseball for 15 youth to attend baseball camp.

► May 31, 2023 - held a Community Bingo Game in honor of Foster Care Awareness/Appreciation Month; 40 community Members attended.

► June 17, 2023 - sponsored a trip to Wild Mountain in Taylors Falls MN; 18

community members attended.

► July 16, 2023 - collaborated with the TANF Program and the Mino Maajisewin Home Visitation Program to sponsor a Family Picnic & Beach Day; 115 community members attended.

► July 19, 2023 - collaborated with the TANF program to sponsor a Summer Youth Valley Fair Trip; 33 youth attended.

► July 27, 2023 - collaborated with the Tribal Governing Board to sponsor a Valley Fair Trip; 33 community members attended.

► August 3, 2023 - collaborated with the Boys and Girls Club and other agencies to sponsor the Boys & Girls Club National Night Out; 355 community members participated.

► September 23, 2023 - sponsored a youth trip to the Dead-End Hayride; 13 youth

attended this trip.


Other Program News:

ICW and Family Services is proud to announce the presence and availability of a Lactation Room. The Lactation Room was furnished with grant money from the Great Lakes lntertribal Council. A rocking chair, furnishings, and small refrigerator are available. This room is a private space for mothers who are currently breastfeeding who need to pump and store breastmilk or feed their babies. While the Tribe will not discourage public breastfeeding, this room is intended to support families and to provide a space for privacy if the mother chooses to use it. The room is available during normal business hours.

Foster Care Licensing:

While most children in out-of-home care are placed with relatives, sometimes foster care is the only feasible option for children who have been removed from their caregivers. We are continuously seeking Tribal members for foster care. If you are a Tribal member residing in Sawyer County and want to apply for a foster license, please contact ICW at the number above.

How to Make a Concerned Report

Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm call (LCO) 715-634-8934 and ask for the Child Welfare Access Worker, or (Sawyer County) 715-634-4806 and ask for the Child Welfare Access Worker.

Weekends, Holidays, after hours: Contact the Sawyer County Sheriff's Department Dispatch at 71 5-634-5213 and let them know you need to speak with the on-call ICW worker. They will contact the assigned worker and the worker will call you back.

If there is an active child abuse emergency, please call 9-1-1.

LCO Indian Child Welfare & Family Services has a Facebook page where we post information regarding community events and other helpful information. Like us so you can stay updated on our program activities!


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