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Health Director Says Once Vaccinated, Must Commit to 2nd Dose

Dr. Gary Girard

LCO Health Center Director

We are well into the vaccination process and will update as we progress and more vaccine is released. We are still in phase 1. Please remember this vaccine does not protect you after the first dose! We have already had a patient develop Covid 19 two weeks after the first vaccine. We must be vigilant and stay masked, stay socially distant, and hand wash. Even after your second dose we do not know how protective the vaccine is. DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN! If you get exposed to a covid + person AFTER being vaccinated you will still be asked to QUARANTINE per CDC guidelines. Thanks for your cooperation.

Also please remember the vaccine is a commitment. You MUST commit to having a second vaccine on the precise day three or four weeks later. We are spending a great deal of resources to this process and require cooperation and commitment on the patient’s part. If you are not willing to commit please don’t get the vaccine. We will not waste this precious resource. Also please understand and cooperate with our staff as we know it is time consuming but we also know that we are working very hard and will continue to do so until we are finished.


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