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Clinic Notice on Vaccinations for Kids

Submitted by LCO Health Center Administration

The Delta Variant is the predominate strain of Covid in our area at this time. It is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS! People whom have not had their booster shots are very susceptible to this strain as well. What’s more is that children are much more affected by this strain and it can cause severe illness and death in young children!

The Arkansas Department of Public Health published a study in Infectious Disease weekly: ADH’s findings, presented at the virtual IDWeek conference, showed that there were 31.6% fewer pediatric COVID-19 cases in July 2021 than in January 2021 (8031 versus 11735), but pediatric hospitalization, ICU admission, mechanical ventilation, and death all peaked in July 2021. Among children infected with the Delta variant, hospitalization was up by 41.9% (n=105), ICU admissions increased 68.6% (n=18), and ventilator use raised by 300% (n=8). The one pediatric death recorded was the first in Arkansas since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The results disproved any misconceptions about pediatric COVID-19 cases lacking severity.

PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR SELF! Get vaccinated, get your booster shots, stay socially distant, wash your hands, and wear your masks.

Children ages 5-11yrs can now get a Pfizer Pediatric Dose @ Lac Courte Oreilles Community Health Center: Call 715-638-5100

Adults age 18yrs and up can get a booster dose if they are 6 months or more from their second does (May 17, 2021 and before) We are seeing breakthrough infections in patients whom have not had their booster and could have prevented their infection!


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