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Chief Medical Director Shares Brief Report on Status of Flu and Other Illnesses

Steven Miszkiewicz MD

Medical Director

Lac Courte Oreilles Community Health Center

Dr. Steve gave a brief report on the status of Covid and Influenza in our community.

On Tuesday, Nov. 29, he stated the clinic is averaging 8-11 positive Covid tests per week, 1-3 RSV cases, and sporadic other human respiratory viruses like Rhino and Adeno virus, but had yet to see Influenza.

Just two days later, Dr. Steve reported for the first time in two years, the Flu tested higher in one-day testing with three positives on Wednesday and zero Covid positives.

"We really recommend that patients get the flu shot asap if they have not already and please get tested if you are sick. We have anti viral treatment for influenza if you get diagnosed within 48-72 hrs of symptoms start. If you wait too long then the meds are not effective. In addition if you are exposed there is a med as well to try and prevent Influenza from spreading in your household!"

Dr. Steve said the clinic still had eight positive Covids over this week and one strep infection.

"At this time there is no cause for unusual precautions other than social distancing, handwashing, and masking if appropriate," Dr. Steve said.


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