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Winter is on the Way, Part 2

By Don Posh


When the snow comes we have extra work to do. It’s been a long time since we last had snow removal on the to do list. When we put on those boots we change our stride. The boot restricts movement in the ankle and calf which often leads to pain. Heat or ice can help to reduce muscle pain. You can add little stretching to relieve that pain without medication.

There are not many ways to clean up snow from walkways and driveways. If you shovel, there are some ergonomic shovels available that reduce the strain on spinal muscles. Snow throwers have come a long way. They’re not as heavy and there are many choices for smaller jobs. Rechargeable battery powered may be an option. There are some available for under $100.

Another thing that comes with snow is slipping and falling. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) about 1 million people are injured from slips and falls on ice and snow each year. About 17,000 of those falls are fatal. We don’t want to be on that list! Let’s take a look at ways to prevent becoming a winter statistic. Slow down and allow more time to make your appointments. Hurrying on slippery walkways can make us really late! A walking stick, cane or ski poles can provide extra support. For about $10 there is a device called the Ice Grip which can be attached to a walking stick or cane to assist with gripping when slippery. Ice Cleats can be added to shoes or boots. Prices for cleats start at about $10.

$10, That’s a very inexpensive insurance policy!

Be Well, We’re All in This Together!

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