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When Calling the Clinic

Lac Courte Oreilies Community Health Center

New hours for both lower level & upstairs Registration to better serve you: 7:30am – 5:00pm Contact us at (715) 638-5100

Gidapiitendaagoz, giga-wiidookaagoo! You are important, we will help you!

We welcome your phone calls and will make every possible effort to help you. Here is some helpful information to aid in streamlining your calls and appointments.

Scheduling an appointment:

Have the following information handy: name, date of birth, current contact and insurance information, and the reason for your appointment. This aids our patient registration clerk in allotting enough time for your scheduled appointment.

Wellness visits:

The goals of our annual wellness visits are to create a complete personal and family health history and prevent future health issues from occurring. Here is a list of what to bring to a wellness visit: list of all your medications and the names of all your healthcare providers. Expect your provider to discuss this information with you. Remember, wellness visits are an important part of preventative care and keeping you as healthy as possible.


After your visit, schedule your follow-up appointment with Patient Registration on your way out to ensure timely access at doctor’s recommendation for follow up. It is best to make these appointments the same day; you will not forget this way. An appointment card will be handed out to aid in remembering your next appointment. Follow-up appointments are important for best health outcomes and to verify treatment is working for you.

Nurse Triage:

The Triage Nurse can help determine the severity of your condition and what the next course of action should be. They can also assist you with scheduling your next appointment or referral if necessary for higher level of care. Give us a call during business hours and ask to speak with the Triage Nurse.

Walk-In appointments:

Call or come to the clinic to be seen by the Triage Nurse or a provider when you are experiencing unexplained symptoms or something does not feel quite right. If you need to see us urgently, your visit may not be with the provider you normally see, but we will get you in with a Triage Nurse or walk-in provider.

At Check-In: First visit – be ready to fill out registration paperwork. Please bring the following items: insurance card(s); tribal ID or letter of enrollment or lineal descent (we need proof of tribal enrollment or descendancy for IHS contracts), photo ID if non-Native American; list of medications you are currently taking; and any concerns or questions you may have.

At all other appointments Patient Registration will update your contact and insurance information if necessary. Please remember we need to have your current address, phone number, and the most up-to-date contact information in the event we have to contact you for follow-up care.

Lac Courte Oreilles Community Health Center Patient Portal: Did you know LCO Community Health Center has a patient portal? There are many benefits to our patient portal:

· Monitor your health issues

· Request and view appointments

· Request prescription refills

· Review and share records with other healthcare providers

· Securely message your care team

· Update personal information

· View your immunizations and lab/test results

If you are not signed up for the patient portal, ask someone in Patient Registration to assist you the next time you are at the clinic. This means 24 hour digital access to the bulleted information above.

Results of test(s) requests: Have questions about your test results? You can message your care team within the patient portal or call the clinic. If there are mild abnormalities, your provider or their nurse/medical assistant will contact you directly to discuss the results and any changes your provider recommends. If your provider is out of the office for a prolonged period of time, another provider- as a member of your care team- may review your results and make recommendations. If we discover something critical in your lab results and your provider is not available, one of the other providers may also review your results and reach out to you for timely follow up. You can also call a nurse or provider to discuss the results and any suggested recommendations.

No Show Policy:

As a courtesy to your provider, care team, and other clinic patients please call the clinic as soon as possible to cancel an appointment to prevent a no show from occurring. 24 hours notice would be greatly appreciated. This will allow your appointment time to be utilized for another patient’s access to care. We know life can get hectic, however, and understand if a cancellation needs to occur.

Important numbers: Clinic (715) 638-5100, 72-hour ER PRC reporting hotline (715) 638-5137 Behavioral Health (715) 558-7883, Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) (715) 699-1916, Chiropractor (715) 638-5179, Community Health (715) 638-5109, Dental (715) 638-5144, Elder Care Resources (715) 638-5112, Maternal Child Health Program (715) 638-5125, Optical/Transportation (715) 638-5118, Pharmacy (715) 638-5146, Prevention Program (715) 638-5121, Purchase Referred Care team (715) 638-5198, Referral Department (715) 638-5165, Registration (715) 638-5190, and WIC (715) 638-5104

Experiencing a medical emergency? Always dial 9-1-1, don’t risk it- time can be critical!

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