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Weekly Food Distributions Continue at LCO with Help of Many Volunteers

Pictured above were LCO Food Basket Program and Momma Bears Food Boxes volunteers on Thursday, July 9, at the casino ball fields where semi-truck loads of meats and produce have been distributed for the past month. Also distributed each week have been cartons of milk and cheese sticks.

Program Coordinator Cheyenne Taylor said another truck load of food will be distributed this Thursday from 10:00 am till gone. She said there will be produce, 8-piece chicken, grilled chicken strips and dairy.

Taylor said they are always looking for more volunteers. If anyone is willing to help out, arrive in the morning at the casino ball fields.

From L-R) Tracy Weaver, Owen Boswell, Jason Flores, Karen Gordon, Chuxie Barrows, Cheyenne Taylor, Berta DeCora and Tom Corbine.

Photo by Zoe Boswell


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