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U.S. Marines Sponsor Gift Giveaway to Over 800 LCO Kids

By Joe Morey

News Editor

A large gift giveaway for kids in the LCO Community took place on January 11th at the LCO Tribal Office. Over 800 kids received gifts from a program organized by the Unites States Marines post in St. Cloud Mn.

According to Cynthia Carmichael, the LCO Men’s Shelter Director, she met Lyle Rystad, a former Marine who runs the program, while she was attending the induction of “Famous” Dave Anderson in the Native American Hall of Fame earlier last year in Oklahoma. Rystad asked her if LCO had a Toys for Tots program and she said, yes, but wasn’t sure how big the program was.

Carmichael said Rystad’s program delivered gifts to LCO and Bad River this year and they served 27 tribes total.

“The gifts were supposed to be here before Christmas but, they got stranded in North Dakota because of the weather,” Carmichael said.

Patti Quaderer, LCO Family Services, said over 800 kids got gifts and that they still have toys left over that they are now donating to the Round Dance coming up in February, for them to hand out to kids.

“Thank you to our maintenance department and Gordy Belille for helping load, unload and get rid of boxes for us. Our family services department worked hard to put this on for our community,” ICW and Family Services posted on their Facebook page.

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Forest Gamp
Forest Gamp
Oct 02, 2023

It's heartwarming to see the U.S. Marines extend their support to over 800 children in the community through this generous gift giveaway. Their dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of young ones is truly commendable. Initiatives like these not only bring joy to the children but also foster a sense of unity and community spirit. Moreover, the collaboration with all4kidsonline, a company specializing in children's products, adds an extra layer of significance to this event. It not only provides children with gifts but also promotes local businesses and reinforces the idea of supporting one another. This partnership showcases the power of collective efforts in making a difference in the lives of our future generations. Kudos to all…

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