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Tribe to Hold Summer Vendor Market at Hayward Fame Lot

By Joe Morey

News Editor

If you’ve been wondering what would come of the Hayward Fame Parking Lot that the Tribe purchased two years ago, a clearer picture is emerging. Michelle Beaudin, Tribal Governing Board (TGB) member, reports that she went before the Hayward City Council and received a land use permit to hold a vendor market through the summer, from May 1st to Oct. 30th.

The lot is on the corner of Hwy B and State Hwy 27 in front of the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.

Beaudin said she had already received a $5,000 tourism grant, which so far, she used $200 for the permit, and she also bought two large 40’ canopy tents to set up at the Lot for the market. She said some funds may be used to set up signage on the corner too.

“My idea was that we could use the lot for a space for Tribal Members to be able to sell their Native arts and crafts, or any of their business products,” Beaudin said, adding that any market there would be for non-tribal members as well. The more vendors in the lot, the more attractive it would be to the summer tourist market in Hayward.

Beaudin said other things could possibly be added to the market too, such as a powwow expo like the one at the Landing on Wednesday nights. She also said there would be a food vendor there.

Beaudin would like to have a community meeting for any tribal member vendors to come and share their ideas on what would make the market a success. She said topics would include what day or days of the week the market should be open, the hours of the market, what the name should be and prices for a vendor stand.

Some ideas of the market could include what type of market it will be or what type of vendors will be included, in addition to Native crafters, such as homemade crafts, resell items, flea market, or farmers market.

Beaudin said in the future, the Tribe may use the corner for an information booth for the Tribe. She said the current building on the corner could be turned into the info booth.

She said with the tents, the market could take place regardless of the weather that day.

Beaudin also said the permit allows for the market to take place between the hours of 9 am to 6 pm any day of the week from May 1 to Oct. 30.

Watch for announcements or flyers soon.


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