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Tribal Office Closing to In Person Business Due to Rise in Covid Cases

Due to the high amount of COVID cases in our area, the Tribal Government Administration Building (Tribal Office) will be closed to the public for in­ person inquiries. Office staff will remain working; however, we're requesting that if you have business that can be done by phone or email with Tribal Office staff, that it be taken care of that way.

Please call 715-634-8934 and the Receptionist will forward you to the appropriate person to make appointments by phone or to have your questions answered. We ask that you keep direct phone numbers from employees you contact frequently, along with their email addresses.

If you'd prefer to dial direct to certain departments, here are direct phone numbers of Tribal Office Departments:

Accounting 715-558-7453

ARPA Office 715-558-7933

Court 715-558-7430

Enrollment 715-558-7429

Energy/General Assistance 715-558-7434

Human Resources 715-558-7466

Indian Child Welfare 715-558-7427

Income Maintenance 715-558-7458

Legal Department 715-558-7423

TANF (Tribal Asst for Needy Families) 715-558-7428

Thank you for your understanding during these trying times.


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