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Tribal Election Candidate Policy for Advertising and Campaign Statement in Media Outlets

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

The Primary Election is set for May 13 and the General Election will be held June 17. There are 16 candidates vying for 4 open spots. This is a notice to those candidates regarding access to LCO News Media outlets, which include the printed newspaper, digital newsletter and Facebook page.

All candidates will be allowed to write a 300-word campaign letter at no charge that will be printed in the May 4 printed newspaper edition. Letters will only be printed in the newspaper. Deadline for this newspaper is Tuesday, May 2, at Noon.

Any other access will be on a paid-for basis. The rate will be standard for all candidates for a flyer-size advertisement at $75 and will appear in the printed newspaper, online newsletter and the Tribe's official Facebook Page for a one-time share. Deadlines are Tuesdays at Noon.

Candidates are free to inquire about other sizes and frequencies. Call Joe at 715-699-6014.

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