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WOLI School Board Election Candidates Submit Statements

Waadookodaading School Board Elections will be held on Friday, April 8th 2022 from 9am-5pm in the Lac Courte Oreilles Elementary office. There are three candidates for Community Representative; Lisa Perry, Mark Montano, and Mackenzie Cadotte. There is one candidate for Parent Representative; Ashley Rice.

The Community Representative is nominated and voted on by community, staff and legal guardians of students attending the Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Medium School during general elections. The Parent representative is non-staff legal guardians of children attending the Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Medium School – Nominated and voted on by current legal guardians during a general election including legal guardians of students attending the Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Medium School who are employed by WOLI at the time of election.

Members of the board serve three-year terms.


Boozhoo. My name is Ashley Rice. My parents are Arnold and Lori (Morrow) Rice. I am a LCO Tribal member. I was born and raised in LCO. I have 2 children, Keidan and Lilliana. My son has attended Waadookodaading from Kindergarten through the 8t grade and I am patiently waiting to enroll my daughter in the school as well. I fully believe in the mission of Waadookodaading. I appreciate the values they have instilled in our youth to revitalize our language and culture. The teachings and values coincide with the way I grew up and the way I raise my children. I am extremely honored to be nominated as a parent rep.



Niigaanakwad indizhinikaaz. Basaabikaang indoonjibaa, migizi nidoodem. My English name is Mark Montano and I am an enrolled member of the Red Cliff Tribe. I have humbly accepted the nomination for community representative on the Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute (WOLI) Board and seek your support in the upcoming election. Listed below you will find some brief highlights and strengths that I believe will enhance the ability of WOLI to further its mission and goals.

• Honest, fair and strong family values

• Passionate advocate for Native rights and cultural preservation

• Former WOLI Board Chairman and Board member

• Previous Red Cliff Tribal Vice Chairman and Council member

• Current Chief Operating Officer at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College

• Parent and grandparent of WOLI students

• Well versed in administrative functions and federal funding streams

• Robust network of contacts in the Tribal, State and Federal levels of government

• Clearly understand the roles and responsibilities of the Board and how it should interact

with management and staff.

• Proven leadership abilities that are grounded in respect and compassion

• Active participant in our culture and ceremonies

If once again you entrust me with serving on the WOLI Board I will do so with the enthusiasm

and professionalism that would be expected of the position. I believe that WOLI is in the

position to expand and grow into something bigger than we can all imagine but only if we can collectively have a clear vision of how to navigate the road ahead of us. Far too often we tend to get weighed down with the daily tasks in front of us and forget to celebrate our accomplishments and the people that make them happen. WOLI is comprised of very talented, committed staff, parents, students and external partners that have shown their combined strength and commitment to our language over the years, but none more evident than during the past 2 years, without all of you our children would have not continued to learn our language. Your combined efforts during these trying times was and is amazing but there is much more work ahead of us to accomplish and I am ready to assist as a Board member of WOLI. There are many opportunities for growth, and it is necessary for WOLI to be at the table so we too can secure our place in the future of language preservation efforts occurring nationally. I am confident I possess the skills and relationships to bring WOLI to the next level. Chi-Miigwech for your time and hope I can have your support in the upcoming election.


Boozhoo Indinawemaaganidog,

Giiwitaagiizhigookwe Indizhinikaaz.

I am so very humbled and honored by the nomination for Community Representative on the

Waadookodaading School Board. If selected, my goal is to support the staff, families, and most of all, the children. As you already know, Waadookodaading provides opportunities that many of us never had. Language, culture, traditions, and education all in one setting. As the staff writes and creates the curriculum, books and work you see come home, they need our support to keep pushing forward. Families have concerns about different issues and topics, they need someone who will listen and bring those concerns to the table and making sure that they are addressed. The children need someone who will always have their best interests at heart and to be their voice. I can and will be that person.

I have many years’ experience in the business sector and working with Boards. I can navigate

through with a calm and objective outlook, as well as stand my own ground. We need to ensure the same opportunities are available to future generations.

Miigwech for your consideration,

MacKenzie Cadotte


Boozhoo. My name is Lisa Perry. I am a Lac Courte Oreilles tribal member who is very involved in our language and continuing our way of life as anishinaabe people. I have earned a bachelor's degree in nursing and use my knowledge to help our community heal. I've been a Registered Nurse for 22 yrs. I really love the leaps and great lengths the waadookodaading school has contributed to the LCO community. I have two grandchildren who have attended the program and are very articulate in the Ojibwe language for which I am very thankful for this opportunity. Lastly I would like to add that I'm a United States Marine Corps veteran who has served 9.5 yrs in the military with an honorable discharge. I would love to work with the Ojibwe language program to help serve my community.

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davenport kim
davenport kim
6 days ago

I hope the candidates participating in the WOLI School Board election will make wise decisions at this meeting. flappy bird


Billi Jean
Billi Jean
08 มิ.ย. 2566

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