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The LCO Addiction Medicine Recovery Clinic is now open

By Tina Stec, MD, MPH

LCO Addiction Medicine Recovery Clinic Medical Director

The LCO Addiction Medicine Recovery Clinic is now open. The Recovery Clinic opened on August 10, 2020.

I feel honored to be working as the LCO Addiction Medicine Recovery Clinic Medical Director. Our new clinic is housed in the Bizhiki Building at 13447 W County Hwy B in Hayward.

We have chosen the name LCO Addiction Medicine Recovery Clinic, or “The Recovery Clinic” for short. We are a full addiction medicine clinic offering help with any substance use, as well as mental health medications and coordination of treatment and other mental health services. So please refer to us as The Recovery Clinic as we feel that better encompasses our mission and what we offer than some other names.

What is The Recovery Clinic’s Mission?

The Recovery Clinic’s Mission is to help people recover from substance use disorders. We see recovery as a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

We want the Recovery Clinic to be a safe place for people, where they do not feel judged or shamed, but understood and supported.

What We Offer

We will offer Suboxone and the monthly injectable form of Suboxone called Sublocade, which are for opioid use disorder (problems with heroin or pain pills). We also will offer naltrexone and the monthly injectable form of naltrexone called Vivitrol, which is used for alcohol use disorder and opioid use disorder. We use other medications such as Antabuse (disulfiram) and Campral (acamprosate) for alcohol use disorder, among others. We can help drug use of all types. We can help with stopping smoking as well. Mental health is also very important to recovery and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or sleep problems can be addressed with medications when appropriate.

We will not offer Methadone as that takes special licensing and a whole different set up than we have here.

The Recovery Clinic Staff

My name is Tina Stec. I am an addiction medicine doctor. I completed the Addiction Medicine Fellowship at The University of Minnesota and have been practicing Addiction Medicine since then. Before entering Addiction Medicine I worked in Occupational Medicine.

Pablo Trujillo, MSN, RN is the Recovery Clinic Coordinator or RCC. Pablo will be the main point of contact if you have patient questions.

Barb Tyrolt is the Recovery Clinic Specialist who is the jack of all trades in the clinic. She answers phones, registers patients, helps with urine drug screens and does everything else that keeps the clinic running. She is a nursing school graduate, she is an advanced EMT for 15 years with Sawyer County, she has an associates degree in police science.

We also have Dotty Crust, CSAC (clinical substance abuse counselor), PS-IT (Prevention specialist in training) Grant Project Coordinator who has been working with TGB opioid grants and will help us with some of our day to day operations as well.

We will also be relying heavily and working closely with our behavioral health colleagues and CCS to coordinate care with these patients to help their recovery as helping people with substance use is really a team effort. Medication is only a small part of what patients need to stay sober.

How to Refer a Patient

To be seen here you have to be a Tribal Member. You can call the clinic and schedule an appointment. We are happy to help anyone who wants to get on the Road to Recovery. The clinic phone number is 715-558-7899 and we are open during normal business hours. Our location is 13447 W County Hwy B in Hayward.


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