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Thank You Letter from the Incumbents

Editor's Note: The following is a paid election advertisement. Any candidates interested in running election advertisements, please contact Joe Morey.

Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Members:

Please accept our gratitude for voting for us on May 8th. With your continued support, we will accomplish so much more together.

Our Tribe is expanding tremendously, and we will continue to grow if re-elected. We want our Tribal Members and their families to continue growing personally and professionally. We want our Tribal Members to live comfortably and strive for managerial positions and encourage education and advancement. We want our managers to advance our programs and businesses into successful entities of the Tribe. Let’s keep working together to provide opportunities for our people to learn, grow, prosper, and succeed!

We have recently received the American Rescue Plan dollars all of us have been planning and anxiously awaiting! Lac Courte Oreilles Membership input has started and more will be obtained thru scheduled listening sessions. Many great ideas have been mentioned already! We have moved forward with another LCO bucks distribution to our members, and will continue to advocate for an immediate stimulus payment to our tribal members along with continued financial support including utility assistance monies to combat the economic hardship endured by this pandemic. This is just the start of many priorities that we laid out in our previous letters to you and if we are successful in the June 19th General Election, we will continue to advocate on your behalf and put our plans into place to support the many needs and initiatives of our Tribe.

Again, thank you for your support. On June 19th, vote Tweed Shuman, Louis Taylor, and Don Carley for stability, fairness, honesty, and continued prosperity shared with the membership!

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