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TGB Steps Up Emergency Planning After December Storms Cause Widespread Power Outages

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The LCO Tribal Governing Board (TGB), at its weekly meeting on Monday, Jan. 9, addressed their latest plans to equip community centers with generators in response to the damaging winter storms that struck the area in December.

Representing the LCO Elders Advisory Council, Mona Ingerson asked about emergency planning following the storms stating some Elders were stranded for days without being plowed out. She also shared concerns of Elders for those who may be on oxygen.

Rose Gokee, the LCO Tribal Aging and Disability Director, had taken some Elders who were in this situation to the Sevenwinds Hotel, as part of the emergency plan that went into effect during the storms.

Ingerson asked what the plan would be for Elders who may be immobile.

LCO TGB Member Michelle Beaudin replied that any persons in this situation would be eligible under the HAF Program to get generators for their homes, but this wouldn’t be the case for persons living in Housing units.

“People in those situations need to self-report so that we know. If they are bed-ridden or on oxygen, need to inform,” Beaudin said. She also indicated that Rose Gokee is working with Elders through the home delivery grants.

TGB Vice Chairwoman Lorraine Gouge suggested maybe the Tribe purchase portable generators that the Tribe holds onto until a storm and then pass them around as needed.

Currently, emergency planning involves equipping several community centers with generators and making sure they match the electrical output of each center.

The community centers now have refrigerators, stoves and whatever else is needed to cook and to keep medications cold, if needed. The centers in question include Reserve and New Post, and possibly the Big Drum.

As of this meeting, quotes on generators was being sought.


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