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TGB Responds to Question About Independent School Board

By Joe Morey

News Editor

Representing LCO Tribal Elder Advisory Council at Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Governing Board (TGB) meetings, Mona Ingerson said at their Feb. 6 meeting that LCO is one of four tribes without an independent school board out of 187 tribal schools.

“Ever since I can remember we talked about having an independent school board,” Ingerson stated. “One thing it comes down to is whether the TGB already has enough to do, but that is a question that the Elders brought up again.”

TGB Member Michelle Beaudin said she believes long ago there was a school board and the reason it was disbanded was some financial issues. She said, ultimately, the TGB is financially responsible for the school.

“It’s the TGB that bails it out when it needs extra funding. We make decisions on funding and on salaries,” Beaudin explained.

TGB Member Don Carley added that back then politics got involved in the running of the school with the independent school board. Don asked Ingerson, with all the other Tribes, are they empowered to be a fully independent school board, because the buck always stops with the TGB.

LCO Chairman Louis Taylor added the school is in really great shape and that a school board shouldn’t run the day to day operations anyway.

LCO Secretary-Treasurer Tweed Shuman added that the TGB hired a great director and Don agreed.

Michelle Beaudin said she believes some oversight is needed.


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