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TGB Reports Fair Selection Process Occurred for New Apartments

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The new Miskogiizhig Apartments constructed on Round Lake School Road at the North End of the Reservation where the casino bike trail meets the road has its residents moved in, or currently moving in, as the selection process has been completed, and all 40 units have been designated.

The Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Governing Board (TGB) reported to the LCO Elders last week that the process was fair and that they had stayed out of the selection. The TGB previously decided the process would involve appointment of a selection committee and that the committee would choose who was qualified and then do a random drawing of those applicants.

“All the people who are there are people who earned it and deserved it,” LCO Vice Chairman Tweed Shuman stated.

The TGB previously decided to make the apartments for Tribal Members only who can pay the rent, whether they have jobs or qualify for Section 8.

Oversite of the homes, apartments and motel rooms will fall under the newly established Tribal Housing Department, not to be confused with the LCO Housing Authority. Applicants will have to pass a screening process whereby they will have to verify they are a tribal member, have verifiable income to be able to pay the rent, and must pass a background check.

The TGB reported that this process was followed during the selection for the apartments and that all occupants are paying the rent which has been established at $450 per month plus utilities, and $650 per month plus utilities for two bedrooms.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Wednesday, Oct. 25, for the two-level 40-unit structure with two and three bedroom units.


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