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TGB Member Glenda Barber Reports on Possible Apartment Building Plan

Updated: May 26, 2021

By Joe Morey

News Editor

TGB Member Glenda Barber reported she attended a meeting with a Low Income Housing Tax Credits firm regarding tribal government plans for a mixed-income apartment building on the LCO Reservation.

Following her meeting, Barber stated it’s possible. “There's a lot of prep work involved before submitting the application (which is due in December),” she stated.

Barber went on to explain the Tribe was advised to have a master plan of the property prepared, showing the layout of the proposed development.

“Once that's ready we need to contact I.H.S. and B.I.A. Roads for infrastructure (roads, water, sewer) funding. The more ‘shovel ready’ we are, the greater our chance of being funded,” Barber stated. “They also advised having a study done to determine if we have enough need for market-rate apartments.”

Barber also said another suggestion from the meeting was to have our Tribal Members also apply with Sawyer County Housing because they're going to be receiving extra funding for Section 8. The section 8 vouchers could also help with the rent in the Tribe’s proposed apartments, she added.

Barber is asking people to contact her with any input they may have. She asks, “Do you think we have a need for market-rate apartments which will serve our over-income population (those that earn "too much" to qualify for a unit through our Housing Authority)?”

She may be reached at the Tribal Office at 715-634-8934, or through Facebook.

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