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TGB Issues Memo to All Tribal Employees

The Tribal Governing Board has been working with all departments who will be responding to the COVID 19 Virus Pandemic and we are declaring a Medical State of Emergency. As our Schools are closing, and we are concerned for the health and well-being of our Elders, Children, Community Members, and Staff, we are imposing the following guidelines for operations:

1. If staff members are sick or exposed to someone from one of the “Hotspots of Positive COVID19”, then they need to be allowed to go home and quarantine themselves. The staff will be allowed to return to work when cleared by their medical provider. The staff member will be put on administrative leave and it must be written on their timecards for the days of leave “COVID-19”. It will be expected of all staff quarantined, that you will not be out in public and will restrict yourself to your homes.

2. For staff members that are taking care of small children that are home due to school closures, then you also will be allowed to stay home or utilize “flex time.” The Staff member will need it to be noted on their timecards “COVID 19”. If, you can, it would be appreciated that you could work from home with the approval of your director and your time can documented.

3. For those that are quarantined, we will be setting up a contact person for you to call if you need food or supplies, which we will be having volunteers to assist us in providing food to these people in need. The schools and elderly centers will also be providing food to their students/clients. We will be working with our Food Distribution Program who at this time, will be able to deliver food to their client’s homes if needed.

4. Those staff members that are not quarantined or taking care of elderly or children, we appreciate your availability and dedication to the Tribe in your continued work here for our people and please understand that we will need you more than ever at this time. If your department is slow because of the restricted access or the programs being postponed or cancelled, please reach out and volunteer to some of our other areas to assist, or to help make or distribute food baskets. This is a time that we all need to pull together and help each other and our community.

5. Please understand that we have currently locked all Tribal Administration Building entrances except for the main door. We are limiting access so that we can screen people for any sickness or exposure. Please do not let anyone in the side or back doors as we want to keep all other staff and others as safe and healthy as we can.

6. Please continue to monitor the Tribal, School, Health Center, and Housing Websites, and Facebook Pages for updated information which will have links for additional information.

Miigwech for everyone’s cooperation.


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