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TGB Declares Tribal Essential Service Vehicles Exempt from Road Bans

Sheriff Says He Will Still Cite Tribal Vehicles

LCO Tribal Governing Board

Press Release

The Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa passed Resolution 2024-10, effective February 2, 2024, granting an exemption of the Sawyer County Road Commissioner’s vehicle weight restriction ban. The Resolution grants permission for LCO Development vehicles, LCO sub-contractor’s vehicles, LCO Conservation vehicles, tribal emergency vehicles, garbage trucks, propane trucks, and all providers of essential services to the Tribe within the boundaries of the LCO Reservation, as being exempt from this ban. The Tribe has been made aware that some local law enforcement agencies do not wish to honor the Tribal Governing Board’s Resolution.

The Tribal Governing Board and the LCO Attorney General’s Office encourage all entities, and its’ contractors, to continue to provide essential services to the Tribe. We encourage anyone in receipt of a weight restriction citation within the boundaries of the LCO Reservation, while providing essential services to the Tribe, contact the LCO Attorney General’s Office at 715-558-7423. The Tribe’s legal counsel shall assert jurisdiction in Sawyer County Circuit Court and move that such citations be transferred to the LCO Tribal Court; to be dismissed.


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