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TGB Approves Inflation Assistance Disbursement for Every Adult Tribal Member

By Joe Morey

News Editor

A few weeks back, LCO News announced the Tribe had a $4.2 million budget surplus, and on Tuesday, Oct. 10, the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Governing Board elected to give every adult tribal member (18 years of age by December 31, 2023) an Inflation Assistance Disbursement in the amount of $500 as part of the surplus.

LCO Vice Chairman Tweed Shuman, who made the motion for the disbursement, said the check must be picked up in person at the Tribal Office. All persons receiving a check will be required to pick it up.

The disbursement is expected to begin, but may change as details are being worked out, on Friday, Oct 27th, and will end on November 15th. There will be no extensions for the pick up date.

“Disbursements are designated for inflation assistance for enrolled adult tribal members as provided under the LCO General Welfare Exclusion code,” Shuman explained. “Legal has been directed to prepare a TGB resolution designating the disbursement to adult tribal members under the GWE code. The resolution will be made available on the website for tribal members. All disbursement checks must be picked up by the individual tribal member here at the Tribal Office by November 15th, 2023. No checks will be mailed.”

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Arlo Roell
Arlo Roell
19 ott 2023

Enrolled tribal members not in Wisconsin aren’t eligible? As an elder, I don’t have the means to travel to the reservation. I understand the risk of mailing checks can incur. However, we do receive our covid, birthday, & Christmas checks.

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Georgia Kolster
Georgia Kolster
29 dic 2023
Risposta a

My sister got one this year for her birthday , but I didn’t. Nor sure what is going on.

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