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Sevenwinds Casino Revenue Increases $1 Million This Year

By Joe Morey News Editor

A check was presented to the LCO Band from the Sevenwinds Casino in the amount of $188,000 as an additional distribution for the month of March. This payment was in addition to the regular monthly distribution amount of $200,000.

The casino’s executive team reported to the Tribal Governing Board (TGB) they have a projected increase in revenue for 2019 of $1 million more than the previous year.

LCO Vice Chairman Jason Schlender said the casino has increased revenues through several innovative marketing ideas and with a focus on improved customer service. Schlender said the casino has stepped it up with a competitive gaming floor, promotions, concerts and other events, such as Mixed Martial Arts fight nights.

“We commend the casino team which includes the executive management and all of their staff for their extraordinary efforts which have resulted in an extraordinary March and we look forward to a great summer.”

Schlender went on to say that the additional distribution hasn’t been allocated to anything specific, but it’s great to have options in which we can provide for the tribe and our gaming property.

“As the tribe diversifies its economic portfolio with increased revenue streams from Enbridge, LCO Financial Services and other areas, it will be a benefit to provide some relief to the casino as the main tribal revenue source so they can focus on some capital improvements.”

The Sevenwinds Casino executive team consists of Michael Black, chief executive officer, Randy Cadotte, director of operations, Kim Martinson, director of admin, Bernard Taylor, director of gaming and Julie Richmond, director of finance.

From L-R) Julie Richmond (Director of Finance), Randy Cadotte (Director of Operations), Jason Schlender (LCO Vice Chairman), Jason Weaver, (LCO Sec-Treasurer), Bernard Taylor (Director of Gaming), Rose Gokee (LCO TGB Member), Kim Martinson (Director of Administration), Tweed Shuman (LCO TGB Member) and Michael Black (Chief Executive of Sevenwinds Casino).


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