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Sevenwinds Casino holds Grand Opening

On Friday, September 21st, the Sevenwinds Casino, Lodge and Conference Center held their official grand opening. It was a crisp and windy morning but that didn't stop employees and community members from gathering to witness this exciting event of the rebranding of the casino.

"Eighteen months or more working on the rebranding with a new logo, new transition and a lot of hard work," said Randy Cadotte, Executive Director of Operations. "We could not have done this without the entire team."

Some of the renovations have included new conference center, lodge, pool area, new buffet, restaurant, slot floor and table games. Randy also explained that there are a few more steps to go until the renovations are complete.

"The thing I am most proud of is the front-line team members and why I say that is because through this new transition, we are refocusing on a new position in the marketplace." explained Randy. "We are moving into a new era, a lot of things are changing toward the younger generation, but what really sets us apart from the others is our guest services."

The event started with a few words from Vice-Chair Jason Schlender and songs from both the Badger Singers and Waadookodaading drum. The flags were brought in by the LCO Veterans and a group of dancers from the community danced in honor of this gala event.

"I want to talk about the Sevenwinds name, there was some controversy from a few people in our community saying there are only four winds," said Vice-Chair Schlender. "Culturally speaking, they are correct but from a marketing standpoint I understand the meaning behind sevenwinds as far as attracting patrons to the casino.

"When I think about sevenwinds from a cultural stand point I am reminded of our seven teachings and the teaching that talks about the little boy that sat with his elders," explained Schlender. "Those seven elders utilized their breath to transfer knowledge and wisdom to this little boy for the betterment of the Ojibwe people. "

Stop in and check out the Sevenwinds Casino, Lodge and Convention Center.


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