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Scenes from the 2022 Honor the Earth Homecoming Celebration

The 50th Annual Honor the Earth Homecoming Celebration Powwow was held over the weekend of July 15-17 at Lac Courte Oreilles. The following images were shared with LCO News. Thanks to Daniel Grover, Brandy Perry, Heather Hove, Dena Waquie, Emily Schmock, Jamie Fleming, Marie Trepanier, Harmoni Elizabeth, Reanna Barthel, Anton Clause, Tonya Manuelito, Dawn Quaderer, Tanisha Chambers, Carmen Blair, Mary Taylor, Brittany Trepanier, Sonya Sunderland, Kristi Perry, Stephanie St. Germaine, Iva Rasmusson, Heaven Danielle, Reggie Cadotte, Charles Belille, Elaine Smith, Jill Demarr, Bonnie Corbine, Kari Tribble and Rose Sharlow.


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