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Rez Community Centers Being Renovated for Tribal Member Use

By Joe Morey News Editor

Michelle Beaudin, LCO Tribal Governing Board (TGB) Member, told Tribal Members at the General Membership Meeting held at Sevenwinds Casino that the TGB had recently asked the Housing Authority to renovate the community centers located within several communities, including New Post and Signor.

“We want to be able to provide a place in the communities for our young people,” Beaudin said. “Housing is working on this and we are working on a plan to get them staffed and to be able to bring in games, jukebox, provide some food and whatever else is important to the community members.”

Beaudin explained they are currently waiting for some finishing items to be completed in the centers.

“I have been working with Sandy Carley to see if we can get someone under her program to run each center and she is agreeable to that, also, in the summer she is willing to have summer youth assigned to each center as well,” Beaudin said.

She went on to say she spoke with the Big Fish Golf Course general manager, Will Lapointe, about having the vendor who provides games to the course to also consider putting machines in the centers too. She said she wants the community members to have input on what goes into the centers.

“I am hoping we can have it all in place in the spring,” Beaudin concluded.


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