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Poll Shows Members Favor New C-Store in New Post Over A Six Mile Location

By Joe Morey

News Editor

Two years ago, the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Governing Board (TGB) began looking into the possibility of a new convenience store/grocery located in or near the Village of New Post, and at that time, a poll was placed on the Lac Courte Oreilles Today group page asking the membership, “Would you like to see the Tribe invest in a small C-Store/Grocery on the Rez somewhere near New Post?” The results were 159 in favor with 13 against it, which showed overwhelming support.

At their TGB meeting on Nov. 1st, they discussed the topic again, but this time, focusing more on location.

TGB Member Michelle Beaudin said she would like to see it located near Six Mile, claiming it would serve more people.

LCO Vice Chairwoman Lorraine Gouge and TGB Member Glenda Barber both stated it would serve not only locals by being located in Post, but also tourists.

This past week a new poll was placed on the same group page asking which location they would rather see it located at; right in New Post or in Six Mile. As of Sunday evening, Nov. 28th, the New Post location was in a commanding lead with 110 votes while Six Mile only had 33.

The Facebook group has strict membership rules limiting participation to members, their spouses and long-time employees to insure people in the group page have a strong tie to the Lac Courte Oreilles community.

At the Nov. 1st meeting, Tom Tainter, working as ARPA Projects manager, told the TGB he believes it won’t make it if it is designed to serve only tribal members.

“It will depend on tourist traffic to help break even,” Tainter stated.

Beaudin said that by being in Six Mile, it will serve more of the reservation and that even Reserve residents may use it.

The issue was first brought up in a tribal council meeting in May, 2019, between TGB members and Blue Stone Strategy Group. Some council members asked Blue Stone to look at the feasibility of opening another C-Store in that area.

Currently, many dollars from New Post are spent in the Radisson community, which is much closer than traveling to the LCO Country Store and Quick Stop commercial area.

At that time, newly-elected TGB member Glenda Barber said she supports the idea because tribal members living in New Post shouldn’t have to drive 15 miles for a gallon of milk or loaf of bread. She added, when it comes to New Post, there is always an excuse not to serve them because they are so remotely located.

In 2019, LCO Conservation Warden Aaron DeBrot said he thinks it would work if it were a small manageable store.

“A store with just the essentials. Light food, house care, laundry care items,” DeBrot said. “Doesn’t have to be a huge operation that’s going to break the bank and have items going to waste, just something to hold residents over until they can make it out to Country store or Hayward.”

Jeff Tribble, LCO C-Store Manager, added, “A small convenience store with bait and tackle and other light outdoor supplies would be ideal to attract locals and tourists.”


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