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Owen Boswell Recognized for Saving a Life on the School Bus

By Joe Morey

News Editor

Owen receives certificate from Mark Bergquist

At 15 years old, the last thing you expect on your morning bus ride to school is your friend sitting right next to you start choking on a piece of candy, and that’s just what happened to Owen Boswell on the morning of September 14.

The Hayward High School Sophomore looked over and noticed immediately something was wrong, and without hesitation, he leapt into action administering the Heimlich Maneuver and dislodging the piece of candy stuck in the 14-year old’s throat.

On Monday, Nov. 6, Owen was recognized by the Hayward School Board for being a hero. Mike Bergquist presented him with a certificate and said, “You went above and beyond and it means a lot to all of us and it means a lot to the individual you saved.”

Owen and his mom Chuxie Barrows

Owen’s mother, Chuxie Barrows, said the mother called her and thanked Owen for his selfless act.

“I was very happy and proud of him, and I encourage other people to learn how to do Heimlich maneuver and to teach it to whoever they can,” Barrows said as she got emotional. “If it were my child in that situation, I would want someone to save him.”

School Board member Stacy Hessel also congratulated Chuxie on raising such a great kid.

When asked how he learned the Heimlich maneuver, Owen simply said, “Social Media.”

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Richard Conger
Richard Conger
Nov 20, 2023


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