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New Year's Powwow Coordinator Thanks Everyone Involved

Editor's Note: The New Year's Eve Sobriety Powwow sponsored by the LCO Tribal Governing Board was held on Dec. 31st at the LCO Ojibwe School to hundreds of guests. A spaghetti feed was provided to all the guests and a Grand Entry took place at 7:00 pm led by the Honor Guard. Becky Taylor, Coordinator, was also the MC for the event that had many gift giveaways and dance specials. Becky posted the following thank you on her Facebook Page.

By Becky Taylor

Miigwech to our LCO Ojibwe Nation and Tribal Governing Board for always being our main supporter for a very successful fun cultural LCO New Year's Eve Sobriety Powwow!

Miigwech to our LCO Color Guard and all Veterans for always leading the way. Miigwech Vernon Martin for the prayer for the feast. Miigwech Gary Quarderer Sr. for the heartfelt invocation of the very beginnings of this first NYE Sobriety Powwow with MaryEllen Baker and the late Harold & Wanda Frogg. Miigwech for all your inspiration to help me continue my 27th years of sobriety of healing through our cultural ways of songs, dances, feast and giveaway for our families that I have learn from all my elders teachings.

Miigwech to all our cooks & helpers for the delicious traditional feast for all our families. Miigwech Blackdeer singers for rendering the honoring song. Miigwech Ho-Chunk Nation for the gifts from the clan mothers and LCO water protectors & Cultural center also.

Miigwech to our 10 vendors bringing your beautiful homemade items for sale also.

Miigwech for donate items for our spot dances too. Miigwech to all the people that model or danced off for their special item for all their gifts. Miigwech for all our dancers in the youth feather dance, musical chairs, 2-step, side-step healing, swan and fish dances all for their gifts and honorariums.

Miigwech 7 Winds Casino marketing for your donations to help with extra gifts for our families and visitors.

Miigwech Badger singers for the honoring song for Thelma Nayquonabe for having the highest educational degree in attendance. Also always helping us every year with their beautiful songs.

Miigwech WarThunder drum for singing the blessings of the side step songs for our community and families that need the extra prayers of losing their love ones, in the hospital, assisted living, veteran home, treatment centers, suffering with cancer or illness or pain, financial problems, homeless, loneliness and for all others needing the blessings of love, peace, health & happiness into this new year.

Miigwech Landing Resort for your donations towards our extra helpers.

Miigwech LCO Ojibwe School for having the wonderful staff that help set up, bake a cake, unlocked the doors and took our garbage. Miigwech to our youth for serving and cleaning throughout the evening. Miigwech for shoveling and putting out the salt.

Miigwech to LCO Behavior Health Center, Sober Visions & other Treatment centers that came over with baked goods, tshirts, clan mothers bags, friendship, honor song with traditional gifts for 1 day to 34 years of sobriety in attendance.

Miigwech to all #300 people that made it your time to be with us throughout our celebration.

Miigwech to all the New babies, youth, elders, helpers, cooks, veterans, dancers, vendors, and singers to make the 26th year with me of coordinating this fun cultural family event.

Miigwech to all whom help our families.

Miigwech for listening to my  and my love for my community. Miigwech to our Creator for blessings each of us with love, peace, health & happiness as we go into the New year!



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