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New Dye Hards Bar and Grill, Golf Simulator Open for Business and Tee Times

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The Dye Hards Bar and Grill at the Big Fish Golf Course opened with a soft opening of invited guests and tribal government officials on Tuesday, April 12. The new bar was remodeled to feature a top-of the-line golf simulator enhanced by a bar area featuring pool and darts as well as music.

The new Dye Hards also has a full menu featuring wings and pizza.

Big Fish General Manager Will LaPointe said with the new simulator, they will be able to offer a year-round golf experience.

“The graphics on our simulator are second to none,” LaPointe said. “We’re really proud of what are offering.”

He added golfers during the summer time will be able to come into Dye Hards and have food and beverages while extending their golf or playing pool.

LaPointe said the new golf simulator is open for reservations. He advised people to call ahead and book a tee time.

LCO Tribal Governing Board Chairman Louis Taylor said he was really excited about the new simulator. He also complimented the staff, general manager and the Big fish Board for the excellent job they have done to improve the course.

“A new clubhouse has been talked about and is not out of reach,” Taylor added. “We can make it happen.”

LCO Secretary-Treasurer Tweed Shuman said there were many naysayers when the Tribe bought the course stating it would never make money, “But Will, and your staff, you’ve proved them all wrong.”

Tourism officials in attendance were Chris Ruckdaschl of the Hayward Chamber of Commerce, and Julie Fox, regional representative of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. Hayward Lakes Visitor Bureau members were also there.

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The opening of New Dye Hards Bar and Grill, complete with a state-of-the-art golf simulator, offers an exciting blend of leisure and culinary delight, much like the cherished tradition of Argentine Asado. This innovative establishment provides an immersive golfing experience that allows patrons to enjoy tee times year-round, mirroring the timeless appeal of gathering around the grill for an Argentine Asado, a practice celebrated for its communal spirit and culinary excellence. Just as our blog dives deep into the exclusive world of Argentine grilling, offering guides, recipes, and reviews, New Dye Hards marries the joy of golf with the pleasure of dining, suggesting a space where friends and families can come together to share in the love of the game…

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