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Medical Director Says 700 Vaccines Will be Given by End of January

Steven Miszkiewicz MD

Medical Director

LCO Community Health Center

The staff at LCOCHC have been distributing vaccine at a pace that is above and beyond most facilities its size. Since December 16th we have and will continue to distribute all the vaccine that we get as soon as we can, safely and orderly. This is not like any other vaccine and requires attention to details like hours of use, timing, and expiration dates. In addition, extensive pre and post vaccine documentation must be done within 24 hours of the vaccine distribution. All the while we are trying to keep LCOCHC open as well. There may be times in the upcoming days that will require reductions in that service to accommodate a larger influx of vaccines.

We are cooperating with the LCO Tribal Governing Board to vaccinate designated Tribal entities’ essential employees and working on tribal elders as well. Soon we will open to all members of the tribe but not yet. We are taking names and making appointments. It is crucial that you show up on time for your appointment. If you don’t, we will select another candidate and yours will put back on the list for a later date. We have not and will not waste doses.

By the end of January we will have given almost 700 doses of vaccines which has been a daunting task. We have much more work ahead of us, but we are confident we can do it with your cooperation and patience. If you see a clinic employee out and about, thank them. They are working very hard under difficult circumstances and have been for a year now. They put their lives and their family’s lives on the line every day. I pray that if we get enough vaccine that we will begin vaccinating the rest of the tribe over 18 years old by spring. As soon as we get that amount we will get them out to you, the people we serve. In the meantime, continue to socially distance, wash your hands, and mask!

And lastly GO PACK!


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