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Low Income Housing Tax Credit Project breaks ground

By Nicole Smith

Communications Officer

On Thursday, November 1st the LCO Housing Authority broke ground for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Project. The event was held in the Watertower community.

The opening prayer was given by Dr. Michael "Migizi" Sullivan.Chairman Louis Taylor opened the ceremony by commending the LCO Housing staff for making the project happen and is hoping to see more in the future. Chairman Taylor also said that he was excited to move forward with this project and in seeing the LCO communities look better.

The Housing Authority's present Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) project is currently under construction and scheduled to be completed by December 2019. The project will consist of the rehabilitation of 28 units originally built from 1974 through 1989 located in the Drytown, Watertower, Bacon Strip, Bacon Square, Gurno Lake, Six Mile, Conger Road and Signor communities.

Rehabilitation work will include the following:

Demolition Phase

o Removal/Demo of exterior and interior materials with the exception of acceptable framing, floor structures and roof structures

o Removal of HVAC components, domestic water lines and related fixtures

o Select demolition of foundation walls due to bowed walls and failing block

Reconstruction Phase

o Select homes will receive exterior foundational waterproofing and drain tile

o Installation of an egress window in all basements

o Landscaping to improve water drainage away from house

o High performance building envelope

o Insulation R values will be increased from R-13 to R-20 on exterior walls and R-20 to R-50 in the ceilings

o High performance siding

o Metal roofing with seamless gutter system

o New windows, doors, solid core interior doors, cabinetry and interior finishes

o Upgraded flooring system

o 96+ efficient furnaces, central air conditioning, air exchangers and new ductwork

o Installation of new PEX domestic water lines and fixtures

o LED energy efficient lighting

o Installation of garages at locations where none exist

o New porches and covered porches, sidewalks

o Moisture activated exhaust fans

o Commercial grade locks and hardware

o Americans with Disabilities Act compatible upgrades in select homes

left to right:Rob Kammueller Woodstone,Inc, Bryan Murdock, Condition Services, Dan Grover, LCO Housing Board of Commissioners, Mike Sullivan, Louis Taylor, TGB Chairman, Tweed Shuman, TGB Member, Mark Montano, Executive Director LCO Housing Authority, Rosalie Gokee, TGB Member, Ben Shockey, Raymond James Investments, Paul Meyer, Woodstone Inc., Robin Thorne, RT Hawk Housing Alliance, Doug Niesen, Woodstone Inc., Ryan Arola, Arola Architecture Studio LLC


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