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Legal Department Information on Accessing LCO Tribal Code of Law

Renee Manuelito, Legal Support Specialist at the Office of the Attorney General for Lac Courte Oreilles, recently issued a letter with some information regarding access to the Tribe’s Code of Law, specifically with finding the policies and procedures (PAPs), citing chapters, subchapters, sections, etc.

“The LCO Tribal Code of Law is published online and may found at Within the website you will find the LCO Constitution, Tribal Code of Law (i.e. policies and procedures, etc.), Resolutions that enact/amend ordinances, Treaties, Drafting Manual, and Forms,” Manuelito’s letter stated.

She went on to say the code has a search option, which will find any word or phrase throughout the entire code or a specific chapter as you would choose. You may print the code, chapters, subchapters, and even specific sections. You may also copy the direct link and share.

For instance: if someone had questions specifically related to the hiring process, you may share via direct link or print this particular subchapter as: (LCO TCL Subchapter PAP.1.4 Hiring Process)

“Now, if they only wanted the section related to Job Application, you may refer them to LCO TCL PAP.1.4.090 Job Application at; which the link may be shared or printed. This can essentially be done for any part of the code.”

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