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LCOOU’s Institutional Scholarships Recipients, Spring 2024


Press Release

Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe University scholarships are awarded based on student academic achievement, skills, career goals, and financial need. Funding sources include fundraising events, individual, and corporate donations.   

You can support the student scholarship fund by donating here:

Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe University (LCOOU) awarded $57,482 in scholarships to 55 students for the Spring 2024 semester. Congratulations to our scholarship recipients!

Amaris Andrews-Deperry

Amoh,  (Sarah) Etta

Amy Gonzalez

Andrea Copeland

Andreah Bonney

Ashley Armstrong

Brianna Bellcourt

Charisse Wilber

Charlene Theobald

Chelsea Tripodi

Chloe Andrews-Gordon

Christie Branagan

Christine Maiwald

Darien M. Carley

Desiree Conger

Emma Parisien

Erica Toman

Eunice Zamora

Faith Trout

Falhad Gabow

Fartuney Haji-Ali

Gabriel Leblang

Galina Wood

Georgia R. Bogat

Giavonni Grover

Gina Krizan

Grant Gerber

Jaelyn Quaderer

Jamie Fleming

Janey Trepanier

Jeannie Buckholtz

Kasey Theobald-Wayman

Kay Jensen

Kodie Stoner

Kristy Baccam

Leonard Ortiz

Levi Bartz

Lydia Kessenich

Melena Potack

Melissa Basina

Meliya Martinson

Mercedez Isham

Natasha Miller

Natashia Domeier

Patrick  Stone

Renee Topping

Roberto Pacheco

Samantha J. Kappeler

Savion Miller

Sereniti Havens

Shaylena Corbine

Shukri Muse Abdiwahab

Tashya  Williams

Taylor Lapointe

Woodrow Gordon


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