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LCOOC Continuing Education, July Extension Calendar, Summer Youth Program Recruitment, and More!

Submitted by Amber Marlow

Dean of Continuing Education and Customized Training

LCO Ojibwe College

Boozhoo Students, Staff, Faculty, and  Community Members!

Continuing Education

All courses will be offered via Zoom.  Supplies will be provided and mailed to students.

Please complete the registration form (attached) - for non-fillable areas (marital status, gender, etc.) please use the highlighter to complete (right click).  Please use the attached schedule for course number, name, etc.  Please use your mouse or laptop to do the best you can with the signature.  The form is created so you wouldn't need to print it to complete it – to “save” it though you need to “print” as a .pdf to retain your specific information otherwise you will email a blank form back.  If you have questions on how to do this please let me know, email completed forms to

All 1 credit courses are $63 and billed by the Bursar’s office.  The traditional arts, road construction certificate, and youth programs have grants and scholarships available to those students and the $63 tuition is waived.


The July calendar is attached.  Most workshops continue to be held on Zoom.  There are a few scheduled towards the end of the month at the college farm (more details to come but following social distancing guidelines, wearing masks, etc.)

To register for an Extension workshop please follow this link – there are no costs to participants for these workshops – we are able to ship supplies to you or provide a supply list of needed items.

Extension Workshop Registration Link --

Transportation Alliance for New Solutions (TrANS) Road Construction Certificate

Please see the attached flyer.  Scholarships are available to students.  50% of our last co-hort of students are now working in the field!  Classes start July 20th.  Please contact Cali Quaderer-Cuddy at or call 715-634-4790 Ext 137 for the application and to register.

Youth Program Recruitment – National Summer Transportation Institute

The National Summer Transportation Institute will definitely look different this year than in past years due to COVID19. 

Parents/guardians will need to provide transportation for students to and from the LCOOC campus.

Dates are 7/13-7/23 for students in grades 6&7 (entering those grades in the fall)  - Monday – Thurs 9a-3p

7/27-August 6 – for students entering grades 8&9 – Monday – Thursday from 9am-3pm

Students will learn a lot about transportation safety and create a public service announcement video that we share on YouTube, etc.  They go through a short media training and come up with the storyboard, etc.

Students will do a lot of hands-on activities – building solar cars, building bridges, coding and robotics, building model airplanes, a lot of engineering activities, learning about intelligent transportation systems, etc.

We may, depending on parents/guardians be able to do a bicycle day trip and/ or kayaking.

For students to apply they need to follow this link and complete the information with their parent/guardian.  Click this link to apply:

Please let me know if you have any questions – and please share!




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