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Tribal Member Creates Boozhoo Premium Coffee

By Nicole Smith, Communications Officer

Curtis Decora, Lac Courte Oreilles tribal member and entrepreneur has recently released his new brand of organic coffee blends called Boozhoo Premium coffee. DeCora explained that the name was more of an association with all Ojibwe Tribes across Indian country. Boozhoo is a word that many people are familiar with and has a strong correlation to Ojibwe people.

"I am carrying a premium product with an Ojibwe connotation," said Curtis DeCora.

After several months of researching roasters across the US, DeCora finally found the perfect match. The one DeCora chose had to meet criteria of being able to serve individual orders as well as bulk orders, without comprising the premium quality that he wanted to provide consumers.

DeCora wears many different hats as an entrepreneur and he recently wrote a book titled, 'Economic Evolution'. This book describes the fundamental principles of five pillars of sustainable economic development for tribal communities.

DeCora explained that the book is about how Native people can get involved in the economic activity and how people can be sustainable without relying on the Tribe.

"The most sustainable communities have a lot of entrepreneurs such as lawn care, landscapers, electricians, etc. These people are servicing the tribal system," said DeCora. "This is exactly what I was trying to depict and show that it is possible."

Boozhoo coffee will be served at Legendary Waters Resort and Casino in Bayfield, Wisconsin and at retail business in Lac Du Flambeau, St.Croix, Red Cliff, Bad River and Mole Lake.

Local stores in LCO that are carrying Boozhoo Premium coffee are the LCO Country Store and both Tribal gas stations.

Boozhoo Premium coffee can also be bought online at, which offers an array of blends that will appeal to any coffee drinker.

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Lonnie Barber
Lonnie Barber
Jan 22, 2019

Looks good from what I've seen. Call me at 699-1294 or work # 715-634-5643 ext 6106 from 4:30 -12:30 T-Th,4:00-12:00 Fr-Sa

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